Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving the Composition

Sometimes I wish I brought 5 more tripods with me.  Why you ask?

Because I'm crazy!

No, but really you can make some cool photos by layering your compositions.

What does that mean?  Taking multiple, different exposures in 1 long one.

You can do it with only one tripod too!  How is it done?

1.  Find your original composition.

2.  Find another one (and another, and another..) You can change the lens to get different effects.

3.  Test the lighting and focus for each composition individually.

4.  Put them all together!  Often it's best to cover the lens or put it to f22 while you're moving the camera to avoid unwanted exposures.

You can even get cool results by keeping the tripod legs in the same place.  By pivoting and/or rotating the camera, you get totally different looking pictures (location dependent).  This allows you to easily get back to that first, original composition. I am still experimenting with this, and it seems just subtle aspects of each layer is key.

Using this trick, you can put the sky on the ground and the sea in the air in the same photo!

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